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Recurring House Cleaning


Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning at affordable prices, call for details!

Move In/Out Cleaning


Many of the largest property management companies in Los Angeles utilize our agency for their cleaning needs.  All of the registered housekeepers have move in/out cleaning experience.

Deep Spring Cleaning


If you're looking around the house and wondering where to even start cleaning then a Deep Spring Cleaning might be what you need. Don't let the name fool you any season is a good season for a "Spring" cleaning.

Short Term Rental 


AirBnB, VRBO, Executive Rentals, need to have quick turn around and special requests to make it ready for the next client.  The housekeepers have experience with these types of cleanings.

"So...what do the housekeepers clean?"

Great question!  Cleaning is subjective as some may swing the door open and run out screaming, "it's all yours!" while others only want certain areas covered.  This is a time-based cleaning and as such the domestic workers are not limited to what they can do, but are only limited to the time that you purchased.  The best way is to provide a written list for the referred domestic worker before they begin the work.  After the work is completed, we suggest doing an inspection with the worker before they leave.  

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